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With such a rich, eventful and diverse history, it will come as no surprise that the African Continent and South Africa, in particular, is home to some of the most phenomenal and talented visual and conceptual artists in recent history. One artist who warrants recognition for the incredible work she has produced is Marguerite Kirsten, winner of the 2018 pan-African ABSA L'Atelier Competition.

Who is Marguerite Kirsten?

This exceptional young lady, born and raised in Cape Town is an aspiring and inspirational visual artist currently making a well-deserved name for herself on the South African art scene. Growing up, Kirsten has suffered from chronic kidney disease among other medical conditions, causing a great amount of strain and stress in her day to day life. Kirsten channelled these medical experiences into creating Embodiment and taking home the title of overall winner of the 2018 L'Atelier Competition.

Notable Work: Embodiment

Her winning work, Embodiment, is her attempt to help strengthen and give her body dignity after a life of medical testing and doctor's visits. Kirsten has felt as though her body has almost become an object or instrument for the doctors and medical institution throughout her life. The work allows for a deep insight into both the life and mind of the artist, giving us the opportunity to see the medical experiences through her installation and the way in which she feels her body had been viewed by medical practitioners. Her installation shows various fluids held in glass tubes on top of copper pipes to represent the ephemeral nature of her body.

Read more about Embodiment here:

Winner of the L'Atelier Art Competition:

With the title of 2018 overall winner, Kirsten can be expected to continue to make waves on the South African art scene and create more works which open our eyes to a different perspective. As the winner of the L'Atelier, Kirsten has received a six-month art residency in Paris, France, as well as R330 000 to be used during her time at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

With an exceptional range of artists from across Africa, each representing their home with unrivalled talent and dedication to their craft, we can't wait to see what L'Atelier 2019 will bring.

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