4 Smart Home Winter Warm Ups

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Technology has developed in leaps and bounds in home smart technologies, but where do you start? With the multitude of smart technology readily available and easily installed into our homes, there will be little surprise that smart warming solutions are here to complete your smart home dream.

Here are four of the best smart winter warmers for your home this winter.

Smart Fireplaces

A hearty hearth has never looked so beautiful. Smart fireplaces simply continue to better and better themselves. With the latest ranges bringing in a stellar combination of aesthetic appeal and sophisticated tech, these beautiful devices will become a must-have in high-end home interiors. Many smart fireplace brands have developed their products with the ability to be turned on and off via your smartphone and have security sensors which will automatically stop the fire in the event of a malfunction.

Smart Underfloor Heating

Few things are better on a cold winter's morning than waking up to a toasty floor, and that is why smart underfloor heating has become an essential in many homes. There is a multitude of smart controllers for your underfloor heating needs to ensure you get the option to suit your needs best, but there are a few features each brand agrees they should carry. Many new smart underfloor heating controllers will be able to connect to your Google Home system or Alexa, they can all be controlled from your smartphone and they all provide the option for programmable timers meaning you can warm up your home anytime, from anywhere.

Smart Duvets

Getting the best possible rest is essential to your day to day schedule and that is why Smartduvet has developed a product to ensure that is a reality. Smartduvet gives you the ability to adjust the temperature of your bed so you sleep better with each side being able to have its own temperature settings. It will also make your bed for you at the touch of a button on your smartphone or to a preset time, whichever you prefer. Additionally, the Smartduvet app allows you to create ambient lighting in the room to the colour of your choice and intensity.

Smart Thermostats

Control the overall temperature of your home with a smart thermostat. These nifty gadgets allow your home's temperature to be controlled by a set time or via smartphone connection. While entry-level smart thermostats have made waves in homes already, the higher tech devices have come equipped with many new and incredible features. These include being able to detect whether you're home or not to save on your energy costs, speak with Alexa and sending you energy and humidity reports.

As smart technology redefines what a home can do for you to aid you in your everyday life and becoming more and more affordable, there's no reason to become outdated this winter.

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