Hamilton's Property Portfolio

Hamilton's Property Portfolio came into existence in 2003, as a niche Real Estate Company to service the challenging needs of the residential upper market sector. Since its inception, the company, together with the core values and business ethic, it has employed, continue to flourish.

Established by Regan Harris, who identified a need for a select boutique Real Estate Agency, which functioned as a professional medium between upper sector Purchasers and Sellers with the ability to capture and represent both parties equally in a transaction. With a legal background the operation has been run smoothly, but with strict procedural and ethical measures in place. The mission of the company is to "focus and deliver incomparable levels of service that one professional client would expect from another".

As opposed to our competitors, not only are the calibre of homes featured in our portfolio distinctive and select, we provide added services which differentiate ourselves from that of our peers. A transaction is not complete when the ink has dried on an agreement, we have in-house personnel that interact with Conveyancing Attorneys, Bond cancellation and registering Attorneys, Purchaser and Sellers to keep all parties up to date and appraised of each step of a transaction. Post registration of transfer we also assist with all municipal and service providers to ensure a swift measure of transfer of all associated services that are required long after transfer. We are associated with registered panels of private bank valuers in the areas of our expertise as well as property improvers who are on stand-by to assist those who require improvements to be effected to their new acquisitions.

We have successfully penetrated markets which are not as yet explored by our peers, such as the African Award Winning, Waterfall Equestrian Estate, North of Johannesburg. Having been presented with foreign and local recognition as a leading Africa residential Estate, we have broken into this challenging market where security living, on hectare stands, has been taken to extreme levels. Boasting a boutique hotel, equestrian and sporting facilities, sales have proven successful beyond compare. Despite the global economic challenges that face all nations, we have successfully placed ourselves in a position where consistent and improved sales are a reality.