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Are you thinking of adding that perfect piece of art to your home or business collection? Meet Stefan Smit, he is one of South Africa's best fine artists around.

Q&A with Stefan Smit...

We have a look at his beautifully painted artworks as well as a look into his thinking and background as an artist.

Hamilton's: What inspires you?
Stefan Smit: At the moment I'm inspired by our relationship with our environment and fascinated with how our surroundings play such a profound role in our lives.
When hearing that beautiful architecture and public murals lower local population depression levels and increase the rate of recovery in ICU wards I get a jolt of excitement at how connected we are to the areas around us.
This is one of the reasons I enjoy painting my subjects in their often urban environments.

Hamilton's: How would you describe your style? (favourite medium to use)
Stefan Smit: My favourite medium is definitely oil paint with spray paint in a close second, purely because of the scale it allows me to paint on when creating massive murals on the sides of buildings. I'd describe my style as loose and impressionistic but accurate from a distance. I love getting carried away with the abstract marks I create in each piece which are always unique!

Hamilton's: Where did you study?
Stefan Smit: I'm a self-taught artist.

Hamilton's: When is your next exhibition?
Stefan Smit: The next upcoming show is at Art on Avenues Gallery in Somerset West, Cape Town on the 18th of July, but if anyone would like to get a catalogue or look at other work they're welcome to pop through to my website.

Hamilton's: What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
Stefan Smit: My advice for any aspiring artists would be to persevere and treat what you're doing as a business which means showing up every day and working hard.

If you're interested in purchasing one or more of Stefan's artwork for your home, have a look at his website and contact him for a catalogue.

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